Tuesday 09192017

CrossFit Pella – CrossFit

Warm Up B (No Measure)

Run 400M before and after

2-3 rounds of:

10 Pass throughs

10 OHS with PVC

10 Knees to Elbow

10 Push-ups

3 position clean + 2 front squat complex (Empty bar working to metcon weight)

High hang clean, hang clean, clean and 2 front squats
Meant as a dynamic/workout specific warm-up; complete 6-8 sets with empty bar and only light weight if needed

Metcon (Time)


30 hang clean (115/75)

30 calorie row

Rest 3 minutes

20 hang clean

20 calorie row

Rest 3 minutes

10 hang clean

10 calorie row

Finish: Work on handstands: holds, handstand push ups, touches, walks…

Mobility: Shoulder mobility

Monday 09182017

CrossFit Pella – CrossFit

WarmupG (No Measure)

Run 400 Before and After

PVC Pass throughs

10 KB swings

10 burpees

10 golfer pick ups

10 Vertical Good mornings

10 air squats

Metcon (Time)

Happy Birthday, Courtney!

MetCon (25 minute time-cap for Rx). To scale reduce all reps by half

800m run (1000m row)

56 air squats

28 kb swings

14 push ups

28 kb swings

56 air squats

800m run (1000m row)

Finish: Sled pushes if time allows

Mobility: Couch stretch and hip work

Friday 09152017

CrossFit Pella – CrossFit

Warm-up Lunges (No Measure)

10 PVC pass throughs


20 lunges (10/10)

10 sit ups

Repeat 3 x

Deadlift (5-5-5-5-5)

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


Every 4 minutes for 16 minutes (RX/Sc)

Run (400m/250m)

Deadlifts (185/135) (8/6)

Burpees (8/6)

**400m counts as 8, 250m as 6 reps

Finish and mobility: as needed