CrossFit Endurance: Spring Edition


That’s right…. Spring Edition.

Spring is coming, promise. Warm weather will be here soon.

Most of us at CrossFit Pella have made great strength gains over the winter, which is great. That is needed and valuable.

However sometimes metabolic conditioning can take a hit when too much time is spent on strength… and that is true for the opposite (if one spends too much time on conditioning alone, strength will suffer). However do pay attention to where metabolic conditioning is on the triangle. It is just slightly less space than nutrition.

So… a new endurance/conditioning plan is hanging on the board at CF Pella and it starts TODAY!

Let me know if you have questions. If you prefer to row, bike or swim, it can be adapted for that also.


Tuesday 030315

Tuesday 030315


Bench Press 5 x 1 working up to a heavy single (not a 1RM)

3 x 5 @ 80% of your heaviest single

MetCon: Include all in time


Power Clean (Rx155/105, Sc125/75, 95/53 Bg) x 10

Bar Facing Burpees x 10

Then immediately into:


5 MU (FB) or 5 Chest to bar pull ups (RX) or 5 ring rows (Sc)

DU’s x 10

Tuesday 3/3/15

CrossFit Pella – CrossFit

Warm Up B (No Measure)

Run 400M before and after

2-3 rounds of:

10 Pass throughs

10 OHS with PVC

10 Knees to Elbow

10 Push-ups

100 Singles (Jump rope)

Bench Press (5 x 1 Working up to a heavy single (Not 1RM). )

Bench Press (3 x 5 @ 80% of your heaviest single)

Metcon (Time)


10 – Power Clean (Rx 155/105, Sc 125/75, Bg 95/53)

10 – Bar facing Burpees

Then immediately into:


5 – MU (FB) or 5 C2B (RX) or 5 ring rows (Sc)

10 – DU’s

Finish: Forward rolls x 5 and back pull overs x 5.