Friday 07212017

CrossFit Pella – CrossFit

40s rock warm-up (No Measure)

2 rounds

40 jumping jacks

40 air squats

40 single jump ropes

40 lunges (20/20)

Rope Climb (Work on technique, floor,… 8-10 if proficient)

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Happy 40th, Sarah Schreur!


12 minute EMOM (alternating movements, reps shown below for FB/Rx/Sc)

Dumbbell snatches* (20/14/12) record weight

Burpee box jumps (10/7/5)

Finish: random object lifting or pulling (think sandbags/tires…)

Mobility: area that needs attention

Thursday 07202017

CrossFit Pella – CrossFit

WarmupM (No Measure)

2 rounds:

10 PVC pass throughs

10 OHS with PVC

10 leg swings per side

400m run

Squat Clean (Review technique: 2×10 empty bar)

Metcon (Time)


10 squat cleans 155/105

Row 250m

8 squat cleans

Row 250m

6 squat cleans

Row 250m

4 squat cleans

Row 250m

2 squat cleans

Row 250 m

*Choose squat clean weight based one 1RM, this should be ~60-70% 1RM clean weight

Finish: Floor sweepers 3 x 10 (or sit ups)

Mobility: roll out quads as needed

Wednesday 07192017

CrossFit Pella – CrossFit

Body weight warm up (No Measure)

25 air squats

20 jumping jacks

15 pushups

10 sit ups

5 burpees

Repeat 2x

Snatch Balance (3×5 starting with PVC or empty bar)

Hang Snatch (3×5 note this is a full snatch, landing in a squat)

Metcon (Time)



Hang snatch (115/75)

Push ups

Finish: Run 800m, rest 1 minute, Run 400, rest 1 minute, Run 200m (to the 400m line), recover back

Mobility: Couch stretch