Thursday 042414 WOD




Strength: bench press 5×5 increasing weight


DL x 5 at bodyweight

box jumps x 5

dumbell jerks x 5/5

DL x 10 at bodyweight

box jumps x 10

DB jerks x 10/10

DL x 15 (at bodyweight)

box jumps x 15

DB jerks x 15/15



Monday 042114 WOD






Take 10 minutes to work up to a 3 rep hang clean

8 min. EMOM

Hang clean (with just established 3 rep) x 3

15 air squats


5 Rounds

Run x 400 at a 80-90% effort

5 pull ups

rest 30 seconds between rounds

Saturday open gym 7am

Reminder open gym at 7am.
*Come in to work on mobility, we all can use more mobility.
*Make up a WOD you missed this week.
*Come in to work on skill.
*See you then.

Andrea Vanderhoff