Open gym and gymnastics

Now that fall sports are mostly over, we are back at it on Saturdays.

Join us at 7 AM to work on gymnastics moves, we will be working through most of the bodyweight movements, these are guaranteed to make your workouts better, more efficient, with less injuries.

At 7:30 we will start open gym time. Come complete a workout that you missed, work on some new one rep maxes, or work on some skills with the coaches that are there.

We look forward to seeing you!

Friday 102414


Now the workout really doesn’t appear that bad, right?!?

Strength:               None

WOD:                       CrossFit Open 13.1

As many reps as possible in 17 minutes (Masters wt)

40 burpees

30 snatches at 75/45 lb (45/35)

30 burpees

30 snatches at 135/75 lb (75/55)

20 burpees

30 snatches at 165/100 lb (100/75)

10 burpees

AMRAP snatches at 210/120 lb (120/90)

Thursday 102314


Strength:               Front Squats 1 x 5 @ 50%

1 x 5 @ 60%

5 x 5 @ 70%

WOD:                       For Time and can be partitioned and arranged in any order

DU’s x 120 (Scaled to 300 singles)

Push-ups x 60

Power Cleans (165/115, 135/95, 115/65) x 30