Friday 01042019

CrossFit Pella – CrossFit

Dynamic warmup 2 (No Measure)

10x Front knee hugs to chest

20x Walking hip circles forward

20x Walking hip circles backwards

30x overhead walking lunges

30x right foot hops

30x left foot hops

40x Jumping jacks

40x air squats
Warm up with empty bar

2×10 snatches and thrusters

2x 5 snatches and thrusters at weight used in metcon

Iron Mile (Time)

“Iron Mile” from Comp Train.

Do the whole MetCon as RX, scale to half the bar reps, or do it as partner workout sharing all.

30 power snatch (75/55)

800m run (1000m row)

60 thrusters (75/55)

800m run (1000m row)

30 power snatch (75/55)

Finish: recover as needed