Friday 04062018

CrossFit Pella – CrossFit

Squat prep warmup (No Measure)

25 Single jump rope

25 air squat

20 jumping jacks


15 wall slides

15 burpees

10 squats with a 10lb plate out front

10 one legged hop/leg

Hans and Franz (Time)

MetCon: Partner WOD

Buy in: 2000m row (one rows at a time)

100 alternating wall balls (20/14) (one throws/other catches)

80 wall ball sit ups (feet to feet)

60 over the bar burpees (synchronized-ish)

40 cleans (135/95, 95/65, 75/45) (one person works at a time)

20 front squats (one person works

Finish/mobility: Spend time on your skill of the month and mobilize as needed