Wednesday 06062018

CrossFit Pella – CrossFit

Warmup Z (No Measure)

20 curtsy lunges (10/10)

10 push-ups

20 single arm OH squats w/DB


10 Kip swings

20 curtsy lunges (10/10)

Yoke barbell carry

Skill: Yoke carry (done with heavy bar bell ~75% 1RM back squat weight)

Use a rack, walk down and back 2x

Metcon (Time)



15 HSPU*

30 single KB walking lunges (53/35) (15/15)

90 DUs (270 singles, attempt DU at least one set)

Finish: Run 1 mile at moderate pace

Mobility: Hip work (lizard) and roll feet with lacrosse ball