Wednesday 07112018

CrossFit Pella – CrossFit

WarmupG (No Measure)

Run 400 Before and After

PVC Pass throughs

10 KB swings

10 burpees

10 golfer pick ups

10 Vertical Good mornings

10 air squats

Clean (Spent 10 minutes to find three rep max for the day)

If you don’t want to work on a max, work on execution at 5-5-4-4-3-3- increasing weight gradually

Metcon (Time)

Circus Prep MetCon:


15 DB bent over rows (50/35, 35/25, 25/12)

15 sit ups (with DB)

15 kb swings (53/35 kb)

250m farmer carry (use DBs)

Finish: light lateral raises 3 x 15

Mobility: Crossover symmetry