Schedule: For Summer 2014

Below you’ll find some information on the CrossFit workout times. As a CrossFit Pella athlete, you can choose whichever time fits your schedule, and you are not required to always attend that time. Feel free to workout in the time that best fits YOUR schedule and lifestyle.

5:30am: Monday through Friday

7:00 am: Monday, Wednesday, Friday for the summer

7:00 am: Saturday Open Gym (use this time to make up a workout, try one you found or work on a skill or mobility)

8:30am: Monday through Friday (childcare is available, let’s talk about arranging that for you)

Noon: Monday, Wednesday, Friday for the summer

4:30pm: Monday through Friday

5:30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays

“One-on-One CrossFit:” Need extra help or not comfortable in a group setting?  Ask us about individual sessions with our certified instructors. Private lessons may be customized to meet you individual goals. Let us know your goals and we will provide you with programming, coaching, and accountability to accomplish the desired outcome. No matter what your goals are.  There are no gimmicks here, just hard work and commitment to excellence.

Our passion is with human performance. We want your body to move and perform well!  The crossfit method is at its core a General Physical Preparedness (GPP) system. We also tailor Specific Physical Preparedness (SPP) systems for specialized athletes.

“Performance Based Rehab CrossFit:” At CrossFit Pella, we provide performance-based physical therapy. Our progressive therapeutic approach uniquely utilizes CrossFit based strength and conditioning rehabilitation and cutting edge manual therapy to achieve superior athletic and functional outcomes. Our patients and athletes recover quickly, enjoy greater fitness and are empowered to manage and avoid future orthopedic injury and dysfunction.

Because we are performance based, many elite athletes and coaches utilize our physical therapy services to resolve nagging training limitations like limited joint range of motion and soft tissue dysfunction.

We have an established history of working with a variety of athletes to improve their performance. During periods of injury or after surgery, there is no need to stop training. On the contrary, CFP views these times of athletic transition as genuine opportunities to further develop areas of weakness.

Regardless of the sport you play, or even if it’s no sport at all, CrossFit Pella is the key to results for you!