Kid’s Camp: Seasonal Options

Our Kid Camps are run by a CrossFit Kid certified coach. These are offerred throughout the year and we try to work around city/club sport seasons as to not detract from what is offered.

Kids’ camp is the perfect opportunity for your 7-13 year old to get into shape, stay in shape, and learn some functional movements in a safe, fun and encouraging environment. Your child will also have the option to use weights in a safe and supervised environment.

If your child is 14 or over we recommend they attend the regular scheduled classes. Our classes are kept to a size where your teen will receive individualized coaching and training while getting experience for independent lifting that comes with high school athletics.

This program is perfect for the child that lacks confidence in athletic/group situations as well as the child that excels athletically and thrives under competitive environments. We will meet your child where they are at and help them develop skills and confidence that will take them much further than the soccer field or basketball court. Kid’s Camp is geared and designed for a the youth population and the specific developmental needs of that youth population (neurological, cognitive, motor development alike).

We will offer camps at various times of the year;  you can decide when it fills a need for your child, your family’s schedule without committing to a monthly contract. We make it flexible, every class is different. They won’t get bored and won’t need to catch up on items if they miss.

We typically meet for 45 minutes per class period, two times a week. This time will consist of a warm-up, skill, workout of the day, and a finish/game/mobility piece.

We are limiting this to ten children, so let Andi know (641-780-7366) as soon as possible, if your child is interested. If there is a greater response, we will possibly add an additional session during these dates. If you have other questions regarding how this camp might work for your child, please call Andi today. Both Dave and Andi will help instruct this camp.