CrossFit Trainers

We think the coaching at CrossFit Pella is “top notch.” We have a mix of medical professionals, former athletes and coaches, who all want to help our athletes reach their full potential inside and outside the CrossFit Pella box.

Dave Vanderhoff, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Mobility Certified


Dave is a 2001 graduate of Des Moines University (DMU)with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy and went on to complete his Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from DMU in 2006. He has previously worked in hospital settings concentrating on Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, and Ergonomics. Dave is also a Certified Athletic Trainer and has obtained the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification. It is the close relationship between functional movements and CrossFit that first interested Dave in starting the first CrossFit in Marion County, Iowa in November of 2011. He is passionate about people moving well and uses his physical therapy education and experience to help others achieve their goals.

Andi Vanderhoff,  M.S., CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Mobility Certified, Gymnastics Certified, Olympic Lifting Certified


Andi started doing CrossFit at the suggestion of her husband (Dave) in Spring of 2010. She was skeptical at first, but has come to be passionate about CrossFit. She has a Master’s degree in Microbiology from South Dakota State University. This science and research background has given Andi a strong interest and appreciation for the role nutrition plays in performance of the human body. She loves to share her recipes, tips, and tools for helping the whole family eat well to feel well. She enjoys encouraging others and loves to see people reach goals they never thought possible and is passionate about changing people on the inside so they can transform the outside. Her favorite movements are burpees and pull-ups. Her least favorite movements are double unders. Little known fact: she doesn’t like Phil Collins music…and will not allow it to be played while she is working out or coaching.

Dawn Lauman: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Dawn is a licensed massage therapist and has her B.A. in Exercise Science, which makes her understand the proper movements of our athletes as well as the importance to mobility. Additionally, Dawn is the assistant coach for the Pella Varsity Volleyball team and uses this coaching in our gym as well. The competitve nature of CrossFit fuels this former collegiate athlete. Her favorite CrossFit WODs and movements are: Fight Gone Bad, deadlifts, wallballs and her least favorite – burpees. She was first drawn to CF by theworkouts and she loves CR, because it is empowering.  ”I love being healthy role models for our kids.  I love learning new skills and completing tough workouts I never imagined I would do. The CrossFit Pella community is amazing.  I feel encouraged every day to become a better athlete, better coach, and a better person.” Random facts- I have four future CrossFit athletes, I have finished 5 half marathons, I scored a hole-in-one on a golf course in Kentucky!


Bryan Llewellyn: CrossFit Level 1 trainer

Bryan Bio







Bryan is a 2006 graduate of Simpson College with a degree in Business Management. He currently lives in Pella with his wife, Robin, and three children.Bryan was previously a Sheriff’s Deputy with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and is now a Team leader at Pella Corp. As a former collegiate wrestler, Bryan enjoys the intensity and individualized effort that CrossFit requires. He found CrossFit about 4 years ago and simply can’t get enough. Becoming a CossFit certified trainer has always been on his to-do list; he understands the link between the demands of law enforcement and the broad, general, and inclusive fitness that CrossFit training provides. Bryan looks forward to helping others reach their individual goals. He truly enjoys the friendly competitive nature the WODs bring out in everybody, but believes the best part will always be the community and family feel of the Box.

Katie Douglas: CrossFit Level 1 trainer and Alliance Yoga 200hr certified instructor

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Katie is a Central College student with drive and ambition like no other. Katie excels at performing and coaching the Olympic lifts. Katie recently opened her own yoga studio here in Pella (Sequoia Fitness) and we are excited for her studio to grow and for her to use these skills within our walls of CrossFit Pella also.

Brian Pfeifer: CrossFit Level 1 trainer

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Brian is a runner at heart.  He began running after training for a half-marathon 10 years ago at the suggestion of a friend.  That quickly became a fascination or addiction – depending on who you ask – that has taken him across the finish line of 24 hour relays, and every distance race from 5K to ultra-marathons.  The biggest fascination with running is to see how far someone can push their body.  Enter Crossfit.  After beginning Crossfit Brian quickly fell in love with the idea of being a part of a community that pushes you beyond your limits and encourages you along the way.  And of he can do that while filling the gym with loud “hair band” music he is a happy guy.  Thrusters are not his friends however any workout with dead-lifts or hang cleans will make his day.

Stanley Muller: CrossFit Level 1 trainer

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Vertically challenged due to his fear of heights, Stanley Muller comes to us from Tucson, Arizona. He went to William Penn University where he played baseball and majored in 20 hour hibernation patterns as well as mathematics. Originally into powerlifting, Stanley was drawn to Crossfit because he wanted a change from his everyday gym routine. “I enjoy Crossfit not only because of the community we’ve built here at CFP, but also because Crossfit builds strength from core to extremity, preaches recovery, demands a large range of motion, and helps you discover what’s best for your body. In doing Crossfit you will always have something to work on, something you can always get better at.” Stanley loves Olympic lifts, bodyweight movements, and the occasional bro tank. He’d prefer to sit in the corner and eat doughnuts anytime there’s kettlebell swings and / or running. His favorite workouts are Murph and Jackie. His moto: #NoInstaStan